Supervising qualitative dissertations in psychology

Such reports are essential for monitoring the progress and wellbeing of those students and also for use in any appeals that may be made to the Applications Committee. Nulty and colleagues identify three interplaying dimensions of supervision that influence the supervisory situation: A different approach to ensuring timely completions.

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Download This book contains a collection of essays from around the globe, addressing the cultural diversity in which research and supervision can occur. The exasperation of supervisors of qualitative dissertations is, understandably, apparent: Students should be expected to produce a penultimate draft of a reasonably high standard.

As a result of the quantitative dominance in psychology dissertations, and the different trajectory of qualitative projects, supervisors reported being acutely aware of the need to provide additional 28 support for their students and used various strategies such as students working in pairs for their dissertation on the same topic, with the same data, but different research questionsoffering group supervision meetings, and offering more frequent, or longer, supervision sessions with cr ip t their students.

Doctoral educations in international context: Supervision process The final main theme relates to the supervision process, from the allocation of students to cr ip t supervisors, to progression through different stages of the qualitative research. M an In the process of refining the analysis, each theme was fitted into a hierarchical structure with three main themes and sub-themes within each and this was an iterative process of checking how the themes fitted together and how these related to the data corpus.

The dissertation is a core component of a psychology undergraduate degree, though very little research has been conducted into supervision processes and experiences at undergraduate level.

Therefore, it could be argued that supervisors require a support-based system where they can not only solve us 2. Sorry, we are unable to provide the full text but you may find it at the following location s: Confidence that you have covered all the necessary work in your chosen field, and have not failed to refer to some important contribution that the person assessing your work may know about.

And I remember name of colleague pulling me up once about a student of hers actually, that I had helped with her analysis and apparently got quite upset just because, because I had gone through in really fine-detail her analysis.

The rough draft After the student has become acquainted with the literature and should by now be more expert on it than the supervisorthe student should construct rough draft with topic heading, and some summary of what each section will consist of.

Twenty-two staff-student undergraduate and postgraduate supervisory dyads were interviewed. Five major themes emerged: Findings from 35 supervisors and 53 students suggested that students preferred direct feedback from supervisors, positive and constructive feedback, and an equal relationship between student and supervisor.

Respond reasonably promptly to messages from students, and make yourself available reasonably promptly if a student wants to see you.

The semi-structured interviews were audio-recorded and covered issues relating to early experiences of supervision, sources of support, the dissertation process from signing-up students to marking dissertations and needs for supervision.

Some examples of qualitative psychology dissertations online

In the analysis section, we refer to the participants as Ac Downloaded by [University of Central Lancashire] at Little that follows is original; it is gleaned from the various sources listed, with a small amount of added personal experience.

The major aim of this project was to identify existing supervisor training provisions and current and future needs of supervisors. Write regularly, and share the draft material - but not too often.

Supervision as a metaphor. Four major warning signs were identified: The semi-structured interviews were audio-recorded and covered issues relating to early experiences of supervision, sources of support, the dissertation process from signing-up students to marking dissertations and needs for supervision.

Locating and reading the literature One can search BIDS, Medline or whatever using keywords, progressively refined - clearly a necessary step.

Qualitative Research in Psychology Qualitative ...

decade ago, psychology lecturers supervising qualitative dissertations reported that students’ relative lack of prior training makes supervision especially demanding (Madill et al., ), and the situation may have changed in the intervening period.

Dissertations ( -) Dissertations, Theses, and Professional Projects Study Laura Lubbers Marquette University Recommended Citation Lubbers, Laura, "Supervisees' Experiences Of Ruptures In Multicultural Supervision: A Qualitative Study" ().Dissertations ().Paper The literature in professional psychology and counseling.

conceptualizing cognitive-behavioral supervision: an exploratory study of supervising psychologists a dissertation submitted to the faculty of. Supervising undergraduate research: A collective approach utilizing group work. but few studies actually conduct a qualitative review of both student and supervisor personal and curricular goals.

Three main research questions dominated this research.

HEA STEM (Psychology): Supervising qualitative dissertations in Psychology

Supervisor’s and student’s perspectives on short-term projects and dissertations. Qualitative Dissertation Methodology: A Guide for Research Design and Methods functions as a dissertation advisor to help students construct and write a qualitative methodological framework for their research.

Drawing from the challenges author Nathan Durdella has experienced while supervising students, the book breaks down producing.

Purpose: The aim of this paper is to report on a project that investigated supervisors’ experiences of supervising qualitative psychology undergraduate dissertations. This research identifies common themes of supervision experience and highlights the need for training, support and an online resource for supervisors and students.

Supervising qualitative dissertations in psychology
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